Uniting NFT Communities
The Free to Play Game Franchise where you can play with the characters of the NFT Collections you own, and compete representing your community. A fun and polished experience focused on Events and Community Interaction.

Papu Superstars Racing
Our first title will bring speed, Drift & Boost, Power-ups, dynamic circuits... the perfect combination and balance to guarantee that both casual and hardcore players can enjoy every second!

Focusing on polished driving mechanics, we are creating a gaming experience that feels accessible and fun for beginners, but also hard to master for competitive players.
Always Building!
Multiple IPs
Constantly building, we transform NFTs into tickets to the best gaming and metaverse experiences.
Made for Events
With NFT Communities in mind, our games are specifically designed for Events and Custom Competitions.
Big Brain League
Every season, we’ll host a major competition between NFT Communities in the main physical event of every chain, culminating with glorious finals in the Big Brain Arena.

The Ultimate NFT Gaming Competition
Managed by GamingBigBrain, it will also include Sports and other kinds of fun events for the NFT community!
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The Papu Pillars
Papu Superstars is meant to Unite, Entertain and Innovate. This is our vision.

Free to Play
No token, no gambling, just Free to Play games to have fun together!

Event Focused
Specially designed to provide extra value in Events and Custom Competitions.

NFT Skins
Rich variety of Cosmetics for Papu and partnered collections.
Be Part of the Adventure!
Dream big and enjoy every step making the dream come true.

We offer NFT collections on every chain we integrate, allowing holders to unlock special features and in-game skins, and collaborating with marketplaces to allow NFT degens to buy/sell NFTs where and how they’re used to.

Papu Party Rock (SOL): TBA.
Papu Glamorous Night (NEAR): TBA
Papu Nifty Beach (ETH): TBA.
Want to Get Involved?
We are looking forward to seeing you! If you want to become a Papu Superstar and know all the details about the project, you can join us now in the Papummunity on Discord!