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What's Papu Superstars?
In the world of fame, not everything is luxury and glamour, but that's the magic of it. The Papus have born to be Superstars, with everything that entails, so excessive party rocking will be always part of their celebrity life!

With strong believe in the power of Games in Crypto, Papu Superstars is the vision of a beautiful and efficient synergy between the Gaming Industry and NFTs. A Community focused on entertainment, fun competitive gaming and live events, with power to fuel the engine that will make the Papus become the most glorious characters in videogames.

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Be Part of the Adventure!
We will dream big and enjoy every little step making the dream come true. Papummunity comes first, collection details are available and updated in our Discord.

Papus are unique, non generative. Photographed one by one, with their personalized cool clothes and accesories (they are glamorous superstars after all). All of them will unlock special perks and rewards in the Papummunity and in our events.

Get ready and follow us on twitter and Discord!
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The Papu Pillars
Papu Superstars is meant to unite, entertain and innovate. This is our vision.
Together as a Community
We will push Blockchain Gaming together. Our content and products will be free for everyone, and holders of other collections will be treated as equal. We will collaborate with great NFT projects allowing them access to the Papuverse, their characters will be included in our games and their holders will have access to our live competitions.
Banana Town Arena
Gaming competitions can be epic. We will be creating and live streaming special events where holders of different collections will Fight for Glory and Rewards. We will use project profits to provide juicy prize pools, and while the Gladiators will get the biggest rewards, there will be also space for the audience to earn by actively spectating.
Papu Boulevard
Why own NFTs if we can't flex? We will work as Publishers for talented indie studios to release our games, all themed in the Papu Universe and free to play. Papu Boulevard will be the common 3D Metaverse for all our games, where you will be able connect your wallet and unlock unique character skins based on the collections you are holding.
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Our Active Partnerships
Nifty Island
Nifty Island shares our values, they are building a world of digital abundance and accessible by anyone. Our characters and games will be exclusively available from their Metaverse, and we will work together to bring to the community the most fun Gaming experiences for free, while allowing players to use 3D versions of their favourite NFT collection characters.
Lotus Gang
You might recognise that some of our characters resemble the Lotus Lad and Lady, we are working with the Gang to bridge Gaming and NFT Communities in a multi-chain perspective. They will be also our link to the awesome Solana community, and we will unlock perks, characters and unique skins for their holders.
Antisocial Ape Club
We are working side by side with the ASAC to send NEAR NFTs to the next level. Their holders will be able to participate in our live events, and use their Apes as characters in our games. We will be providing access to the entertainment and gaming side of Papu Superstars to the best projects launched with Jungle Launchpad, growing the NEAR NFT community as a whole.
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A new Era for Gaming
The Papus have starred in countless blockbusters in the Papuverse, but their ambition is insatiable and they just won't reach the glory until they are Gaming Superstars.

Pure Gaming
We have been working in the Esports and Game Streaming space for years, and we feel like the industry is missing some fun, some magic. The insane possibilities that Videogames actually offer are barely exploited. It's time to bring some fresh air and fun vibes to the competition, make it more accessible and allow higher interaction with the audience.

This is just the beginning, and we want to start stablishing the foundations with a healthy community, focused on the beauty of live content, and always being open and supportive with the entire ecosystem to help the space grow as a whole.
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Want to Get Involved?
We are looking forward to see you! If you want to become a Papu Superstar and know all the details about the project, you can join us now in the Papummunity on Discord!
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