Uniting THE NFT CommunitY
The Free to Play Game Franchise of the NFT Community.
Play with your NFTs of any chain & Compete in events representing your community!

the Papus!
Papus never stop partying, it's their way of life.

New characters, skins and collectibles are coming to every chain we integrate, to bring magic to their holders and the entire NFT industry in Games, Metaverse and Events!

Papu Party Rock (Solana): Magic Eden.
Papu Rave Mfers (Sui): TBA
Papu Night Club (???): TBA.
Papu Superstars Racing
Our first title will bring speed, Drift & Boost, Power-ups, dynamic circuits... the perfect combination and balance to guarantee that both casual and hardcore players can enjoy every second!

Focusing on polished driving mechanics, we are creating a crazy gaming experience Powered by the Community, allowing holders to participate in Game Design with degen proposals.
Always Building!
Multiple IPs
We are constantly building to transform your NFTs into tickets to the best gaming and metaverse experiences. Get ready for what's coming!

Events and Discoverability
Our games are designed for Events, both to entertain the NFT community and to let traditional gamers discover our awesome industry.
· · ·

Free to Play
No token, no gambling, just Free to Play games to have fun together.

Event Focused
Designed to bring the real magic to Events and Custom Competitions.

NFT Skins
Community owned NFT Marketplace in Papu Boulevard.
Monke Play
Papu Superstars has joined forces with MonkeDAO!

Papus and Monkes will be conquering together the new era of Games and Events, exploring the Metaverse potential and making our 3D Avatars dominate the Gaming space.

As MonkePlay, we will develop and publish games, organize Gaming & Sports events with online activities and create awesome web3 products.
Big Brain League
Our Event Tour will showcase Papu and Partnered Communities to both web3 and traditional audiences. We will have presence in glorious web3, Music and Sports events.

The Ultimate IRL connection
Led by GamingBigBrain, we will boost the image of the NFT space in physical events, showing a level of innovation and interactivity in competition never seen before.
Want to Get Involved?
We are looking forward to seeing you! If you want to become a Papu Superstar and know all the details about the project, you can join us now in the Papummunity on MonkePlay Discord!